D&C and VXRL

Cyber Security Workshop

Date: 23-24 May 2019



Purple Team Training

Red team imitates real-world attacks that can hit a company or an organization, and they perform all the necessary steps that attackers would use while blue team is expected to detect, oppose and weaken the red team. The mock attack scenario is designed to enhance participant’s skills by preparing them for dangerous real-world attacks. Purple teams engage both tasks from Red and Blue teams.

Base on MITRE ATT&CK™, we tailor-made this workshop for cyber security professions to work on different scenarios from basic to advance level, to get hands-on experience in red team and blue team exercises.

Feature extended 02

IoT and Hardware Hacking

Most of the practitioners only focus on software security and ignore the significance of hardware and IoT security analysis. The second day of the workshop is to enable cyber security professions with competent security skills in hardware, communication and IoT areas.

Who should attend?

Information Security Analysts, Penetration Testers, System Administrators, Cyber Security Practitioners, Cyber Security Researchers who want to know more about Red / Blue Team and Hardware / IoT Hacking.
Certification of Completion will be provided to students after completing the workshop.



Anthony Lai

Holder of SANS GREM (Gold Paper) since 2010 (Level 3 in Incident response management) and SANS GXPN (Level 3 of Penetration Test)

Total 15 years with Quality Assurance and Information Security (Penetration Test and Exploitation Research, Malware Analysis, Threat Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Incident Responder and Management)

Speaker in DEFCON, HITCON, AVTOKYO, Blackhat Asia, HITB Review Board, etc


Alan Ho

10+ years in Development and Information Security Consultant

Experience in penetration test, incident response, security operation planning and investigation

Certified as OSCP, SANS GWAPT

Speaker in HITCON, DRFWS, SANS DFIR, DEFCON Chips-off village, etc


Forensics Ninja

Founder of Chip-off Village, held in the different security conference like HITB AMS and Defcon China, and the coming Hardware Security Conference in The Hague and HITB Dubai

He has also delivered chip-off forensics analysis training in HTCIA US, HITCON and CodeBlue security conference. HITB Review Board, etc


Chris Chan

Hold OSCP and OSCE, strong passion in exploiting

Speaker of security congress APAC 2017 and DragonCon 2017

VXCON and Defcon Chips-off village crew


Date: 23-24 May 2019

Venue: Seong Ngai Education Centre - 12/F, 258 Alameda Dr. Carlos d'Assumpcao Macau

地址: 尚毅教育中心 - 澳門宋玉生廣場258號建興龍廣場12樓

Language: English Materials & Trainers teach in English

Tuition Fee: HKD $9000 for two days workshop

Payment terms: 100%, 30 Days, Invoice upon seat confirmation

23 May 2019 - Workshop Day 1
  • Red Team and Blue Team Overview
  • Familiar with the environment
  • Hands-on Red Team techniques
  • Hands-on Blue Team systems
  • Launching Attacks
  • Blue Team Analysis
24 May 2019 - Workshop Day 2
  • Hardware and IoT Hacking Overview
  • Hands-on training
  • Bluetooth hacking
  • Smarthome hacking

* Technical pre-requisite: Basic Linux Knowledge (commands and writing python scripts)

** Equipment: Please bring your own laptop. with VM Player / VM Fusion installed


Website: www.dnc-co.com

Email: info@dnc-co.com

Tel: +853 6688 5390

Website: www.vxrl.hk

Website: www.vxcon.hk

Please contact D&C for workshop registration.